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Since 1916
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Cleveland Tungsten has been in the tungsten business for over 90 years! APT WO3 oxide nano powder metallurgy green compact sintered cemented carbide Li Wah Chang
Cleveland Tungsten (CTS) is a leading producer of tungsten powder, rod, discs and contacts. contact arms point sets rivets bars ingots rod swaging brazed brazing
Cleveland Tungsten (CTI) is a supplier of fabricated tungsten products. wire filaments lighting lamps electrical electronic welding electrodes vaporization coils ignitors scrap
We look forward to working with you to satisfy all of your tungsten requirements. high performance alloy nickel based heavy superalloy turbine blades tools military defense armaments ammunition green bullets density counter weights 
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What we do:
Raw materials - Cleveland Tungsten produces pure tungsten powder from tungsten trioxide (WO3). carbide drill bits filaments counter weights vacuum metallizing
Fabricated products - We manufacture pure tungsten rod, discs, contacts and contact arms. coils electrodes point sets car horn horns distributor caps scrap cut pieces
Applications - Our products are used in the automotive, airplane and aerospace industries. super alloy turbine blade nano single crystal nickel base jet engine ignitors
Support - We have over 90 years of experience in the tungsten business.
Wah Chang Li Tungsten K.C. Li   
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